Thursday, August 13, 2009

Want to make a difference?

Hello there! As you would have noticed by now I am not the ‘blogging’ type of person. One of the reasons is that I have a very bad impression of it when many years back my attention was brought to someone’s blog which was negative in nature. To add to it all, it was the first time I ever heard of this thing called ‘blog.’ So subconsciously I told myself that I would have nothing to do with it.

I strongly believe that as Christians what we communicate through the internet in whatever means must have the element of edifying, which means building up. It is responsible of us to ask “after someone have read of what I have written, what would happen to that person’s view of the subject (which could be a person, or any issue)?” Would it produce good or bad results?

I read in the news these recent few days where our Malaysian government is trying to handle and think whether there should be some censoring done on this modern day freedom in accessing to all sorts of websites. Some of it are of great concerns where even school going children are accessing to child pornography.

As light-bearers of God we can set the standard for the world by setting up our own censoring – how and what we should speak through our writing and what we should or should not view. We are all a part that contributes to what make us Malaysians, and we want to be a good percentage who will be the people who make the world we live in a better place. We are not only naturally Malaysian citizens, but we are citizens of Heaven, ambassadors of the Most High God!

Our own censoring coupled with our declaration in prayers for all Malaysians, will cause a change in the spiritual world that would cause changes in the natural world. After all we have been believing God for a stop to all social evils, a transformation that is desperately needed.

We are the ones who can make a difference, so let it start with ME and YOU and YOU and YOU! Will you be the YOU? Let the GLORY of God come from Heaven to earth.

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven” (Matthew 5:16).

Let the YOU and YOU and YOU combined….. be a shining light, burning bright so the world can see and come because they see the WAY that leads to LIFE!

So thankful to the Lord that YOU are a part of this all. The Lord has loved you with an everlasting love. A love that is unfailing, filled with His goodness and full of His mercies!